We're Relaunching!

Are you ready to relaunch your business, too?


As a business owner, you have to take time to create marketing content, both written and video. 

Would you like some help with that content?  How would you like to be interviewed by the guy who has sold over $6 Billion Dollars' worth of products and services on television? 


Bob Circosta

Bob Circosta is the co-founder of The Home Shopping Network and has individually sold over SIX BILLION DOLLARS in merchandise - earning him the title:  "TV'S BILLION DOLLAR MAN." 


Think about the huge impact it will be to have a 15-minute Zoom video interview about your business with TV's Billion Dollar Man, Bob Circosta!

Join us as we relaunch our marketing campaign with the NEW program we have in place.

Time With Linda

  • One 15-minute Zoom Video Interview and Article Written About Your and Your Business With Bob Circosta.  Three bullet points from the interview are used to create two marketing videos which are sent to you.
  • Twitter Campaign.  Two Twitter posts will be created from the interview, and posted (with your approval) daily in OUR Twitter feed.  There will need to be a website or landing page to link the post to.
  • One Professionally Written Press Release.  The article from the interview is used as a press release.  We create a custom media list for you, comprised of media entities with serious influence.  We will pitch them your story and encourage them to cover it further in their own publication.  With the right story, you can get unprecedented coverage.

Want to see some of the places we can get you featured?

Media Outlets