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The Video Business Directory (TheVBD) is a business directory on the front-end and an innovative marketing platform on the back-end.  It is the "umbrella over all of our services, including The Video City Directories (TheVCD).

There is more to The Video Business Directory than what meets the eye.  There are layers, all focused on the goal of bringing you targeted exposure, and it starts with a simple listing in our Directory.

When you join us, you will receive a snapshot listing on TheVBD, a full listing on TheVCD, and an entry in our Marketplace channel.


Pricing Information

Pricing Information.


TheVBD Business Listing

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Business Listing

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Marketplace Video-1

This is our new "Channel."


Marketing Videos

Marketing videos.


Interactive Video

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Personalized Video

Click Here for examples of personalized "Smart" videos.


Text Conversation Video

Text conversation videos.



YouTube first page ranking.



No need to know a thing about Twitter, and this is a campaign like no other!  Our Twitter campaign takes YOUR business promotions out to OUR followers to advertise you to even more people than you already are.

You'll be able to check it out live right here and see it in action soon.


Phone Interview

Phone interview and article written about your business.


Phone Interview With Bob Circosta

Video interview and article written with Bob Circosta.



We write blog articles for you and publish them with your approval.



LinkedIn Done-For-You Lead Generation and...

Targeted Email Campaign

...targeted email campaign.


Press Release

Specialized press releases for the Google 3-Pack (distributed to over 400 media sites).



Facebook Messenger Ad retargeting campaign.


Mobile First

Mobile First - Developed from the ground up for the Mobile First age.  Using the Mobile First approach make us able to reach lightning fast-loading speed in under 3 seconds.  Click Here to learn more about Google's Mobile First Indexing.


Mobile First Website

Are you taking advantage of Google's shift to Mobile First Indexing?  We create super fast-loading mobile websites that will keep you on top in the search engines.  Click Here to see examples.


120-Day Money Back Guarantee

We offer a no-risk 120-day money back guarantee.


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