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Most everyone knows that Google makes algorithm changes all the time--pretty much every day.  But there have been two specific changes that Google has either implemented or is in the process of implementing that is significantly changing the way we create and promote our online businesses and websites. 

Did you know that if your website takes over 3 seconds to load on a mobile phone, chances are 85% of the people who wanted to see your website and your offers will "swipe off" and leave for a faster loading site (such as your competitors)?

Page Load TimesSee for yourself how your website loads. Go to GTmetrix.com, enter your domain name, and in about 30 seconds you'll know if you need to speed up your site.

Did you also know that Google is exploring ways to shame slow sites by labeling them with a badge that notifies users of a poor-quality web experience?

Google is still experimenting with how these badges might appear, but the graphic below is a possible example...


Slow Loading Website Example

So what is the bottom line?


If your website is loading slow on your mobile phone, you will be labeled with a badge that notifies users of a poor-quality web experience.
What would this do to your business?
Be proactive and don't be the business owner who wishes they had taken action earlier!
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